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State the S.I. and C.G.S. Units of Density. How Are They Inte Related ? - Physics

Short Note

State the S.I. and C.G.S. units of density. How are they inte related ?

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The S.I. unit of mass is kilogram (symbol kg) and of volume is
cubic metre (symbol m3). Therefore S.I. unit of density is kg/m3
or kg m-3.
The C.G.S. unit of mass is gram (symbol g) and of volume is cubic centimetre (symbol cm3). Therefore the C.G.S. unit of
density is g/cm3 or g cm-3.

Relationship between kg `"m"^-3` and g `"cm"^-3`

1 kg = 1000 g 

or 1 g = `1/1000` kg 

and 1 `"m"^3 = (100 "cm")^3`

                      = 100 × 100× 100 `cm^3`

                      = 10,00,000 `cm^3`

or 1 `"cm"^3 = 1/1000000 "m"^3` 

now  1  g `"cm"^-3 = (1 "g")/(1 "cm"^3)`

=`(1/1000 "kg")/(1/1000000 "m"^3)`

= `1000000/1000 "kg"  "m"^-3`

= 1,000 kg `"m"^-3`

Thus , 1 g `"cm"^-3 = 1.000  "kg"  "m"^-3`   

Concept: Concept of Unit Volume
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Selina Concise Physics Class 7 ICSE
Chapter 1 Physical Quantities and Measurement
Short/Long Answer Questions | Q 10
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