Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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State with Reasons Whether the Following Statements Are True Or Falsee-business Nllows You Lo Work Across the Globe in Any Field. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

State with reasons whether the following statements are True or False

e-business allows you lo work across the globe in any field.

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E-business allows you to work across the globe in any field.


REASONS: All of you must have seen your parents buying things for you at different times. They may have gone to different shops for different goods. Today the world of shopping has changed so drastically that one need not go to any shop for purchase of goods. All you need is a basic computer with an internet facility. The goods can be purchased on the internet, payments can be made through the internet and the goods are physically delivered at your doorstep. This entire process comes under the subject of e-business.

e-business means using the internet to connect people and processes. It allows you to work across the globe in any field. It opens new doors to customers around the world. So also in business and improves efficiency, increase profits and provides better customer services of business. e-business is web-enabling existing business processes to conduct transactions over the Internet. e-business establishes more closer and responsive relationship with partners, employees and suppliers. It connects, adapts and integrates IT system, so companies are able to manage their business efficiently.

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