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State Raoult’S Law for a Solution Containing Volatile Components. Write Two Characteristics of the Solution Which Obey Raoult’S Law at All Concentrations. - Chemistry


Short Note

State Raoult’s law for a solution containing volatile components. Write two characteristics of the solution which obey Raoult’s law at all concentrations. 


Raoult's Law: According to Raoult's law, for a solution of two volatile liquids, the partial vapor pressure of each component of the solution is directly proportional to its mole fraction present in solution. 
`"p"_1∝ "x"_1`
Implies that
`"P"_1="P"_1^circ "x"_1`

P1=Partial pressure of component 1. 

x1 =mole fraction of component 1. 
`"P"_1^circ`=pure vapour pressure of component 1.

Ideal solution obeys Raoult’s law at all concentrations.

The conditions obeyed are:

(i) ΔmixH=0

(ii) ΔmixV=0

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