State the Medicinal Value and the Bioactive Molecules Produced by Streptococcus, Monascus and Trichoderma. - Biology


State the medicinal value and the bioactive molecules produced by Streptococcus, Monascus and Trichoderma.



Organism Medicinal value Bioactive molecule
a. Streptococcus Clot buster for removing clots from blood vessels of heart attack patients Enzyme
b. Monascus Blood cholesterol lowering agents Statins
c. Trichoderma Immunosuppressant drug Cyclosporine A
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2014-2015 (March) All India Set 1

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With the help of a neat and labelled diagram explain VAM (vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae).

Trichoderma konigi is a source of _______ enzyme.

(A) invertase

(B) lipase

(C) pectinase

(D) cellulase

Name a genus of baculovirus.

How do mycorrhizae act as biofertilizers? Explain.

Given below is a list of six micro-organisms. State their usefulness to humans.
(a) Nucleopolyhedrovirus
(b) Saccharomyces cerevisiae
(c) Monascus purpureus
(d) Trichoderma polysporum
(e) Penicillium notatum
(f) Propionibacterium sharmanii

Mention one advantage and one disadvantage to a farmer who uses them.

Explain the significant role of the genus Nucleopolyhedrovirus in an ecological sensitive area.

What is VAM?

State the difference in organic farmers approach from that of conventional pest control methods.

Give reasons for the following:

Nitrogenous fertilizers are not applied in fields where leguminous crops grow.

Give two examples of microbial pesticides with their hosts.

Answer the following question: 

Why are the spores of Bacillus thuringiensis used as bioinsecticide? 

Give the biological name of the following:

The microbe used to control insect larvae growing on cotton.

Give the biological name of the following: 

The fungus that is being developed as a bio-control agent.

Write a note on biocontrol agents.

Select the odd one from given herbicides.

What is mycorrhiza?

______ are controlled by the microbial herbicide Phytophthora palmivora.

Which of the following is TRUE regarding Bacillus thuringiensis?

Which of the following can be killed using Nosema locustae?

Which of the following is the INCORRECT statement with respect to biocontrol agents?

From the following which one is NOT a bacterial herbicide?

Identify the INCORRECT statement regarding Bacillus thuringiensis.

Which of the following is the host for microbial pesticide Beauveria bassiana?

Which of the following is TRUE regarding Xanthomonas and Pseudomonas?

Which group features jointed appendages?

Which one of the following statements is WRONG in relation to transgenic Bt cotton plant?

Farmers have reported over 50% higher yield of rice by using which of the following biofertilizers?

The free-living fungus Trichoderma can be used for ______.

Match the items in Column ‘A’ and Column ‘B’ and choose correct answer.

Column I Column II
A. Lady bird i. Methano bacterium
B. Mycorrhiza ii. Trichoderma
C. Biological control iii. Aphids
D. Biogas iv. Glomus

The correct answer is:

How do microbes reduce the environmental degradation caused by chemicals?

Nucleopolyhedrovirus do not show ______.

Which of the following is incorrect regarding Bacillus thuringiensis?

A farmer grew 2 varieties of corn crops in fields A and B. He grew normal corn crops in field A and GM corn crops in field B. He observed corn borers attacked only in field A. To control it, spores of Bt were sprayed in field A.

  1. Name the gene in the spores responsible for the control of this pest.
  2. What effect will the spores of Bt have on the insect pest?
  3. How has field B developed resistance against this pest?

Define bioherbicides.

give any two examples of microbial herbicides.

Explain how Bacillus thuringiensis acts as a bio-control agent.


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