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State Huygens’S Principle. Show, with the Help of a Suitable Diagram, How this Principle is Used to Obtain the Diffraction Pattern by a Single Slit.Draw a Plot of Intensity Distribution and - Physics

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State Huygens’s principle. Show, with the help of a suitable diagram, how this principle is used to obtain the diffraction pattern by a single slit.

Draw a plot of intensity distribution and explain clearly why the secondary maxima becomes weaker with increasing order (n) of the secondary maxima.

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Huygen’s principle states that

  • Each point on a wave front behaves as a source of secondary wavelets

  • The secondary wavelets travel with the speed of light in that medium

  • The position of new wave front at a later time can be found out by drawing a common tangent to all these secondary wavelets

Intensity distribution of single slit distribution

For the first secondary maxima (n = 1), only one-third of the slit contributes to its intensity.

Secondly, for n = 2, only one-fifth of the slit contributes to the intensity.

Therefore, with increasing n, the intensity decreases.

Concept: Huygens Principle
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