State Gause’S Competitive Exclusion Principle. - Biology


State Gause’s Competitive Exclusion Principle.



Gause’s competitive exclusion principle states that two closely related species competing for the same resources cannot co-exist indefinitely and the competitively inferior species will be eliminated eventually.

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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 1


Which day is observed as ‘World Environment Day’?

What is mutualism?

Describe the mutual relationship between fig tree and wasp and comment on the phenomenon that operates in their relationship.

An orchid plant is growing on the branch of the mango tree. How do you describe this interaction between the orchid and the mango tree?

Name the two intermediate hosts which the human liver fluke depends on to complete its life cycle so as to facilitate parasitization of its primary host.

Define the Stenothermal organisms

Association between sea anemone and Hermit crab in gastropod shell is that of. 

With the help of a suitable diagram describe the logistic population growth curve.

Enlist and explain the important characteristics of a population.

How absolute Natality differs from Realized Natality

What is population ecology?

What is ESS?

Define Niche. 

Define population growth. Explain different types of age pyramids.

What is population interaction? Explain the interactions in Mutualism and Competition.

The interaction in nature, where one gets to benefit on the expense of other is _________.

Predation and parasitism are which type of interactions?

Competition between species leads to ________.

Match the following and choose the correct combination from the options given below.

Column I Column II
Mutualism Lion and deer
Commensalism Round worm and man
Parasitism Birds compete with squirrels for nuts
Competition Sea anemone on hermit crab
Predation Barnacles attached to Whales

The relationship between sucker fish and shark is _________.

Tabulate and analysis of two species population interaction.

Explain parasitism with an example.

Differentiate between predator and prey.

Identify the interspecific interaction in which species A is harmed and species B is unaffected.

Two species competing for the same resources, avoid competition by choosing different times for feeding, also known as ______

Mutualism can be represented as the interaction between ____________.

Identify the morphological means of defence to avoid herbivores shown by plants.

Identify the interspecific interaction depicted in the following figure.

Brood parasitism is best explained by the example of ____________.

Identify the interspecific interaction which one species is benefited and other is neither banned nor benefited.

Type of interspecific interaction wherein one organism is benefited and other is harmed is called ____________.

Parasitism can be conectly represented as ____________.

Musk deer is an example of ______ 

Substantiate by giving two reasons as to why a holistic understanding of the flora and fauna the cropland is required before introducing an appropriate biocontrol method.

Mycorrhizae are the example of ______.

Exarch xylem is found in:

Rafflesia an arnoldii is an example of ______.

______ in birds is an interesting example of parasitism in which the parasitic bird lays its eggs in the nest of its host and the host incubates them.

Which of the following is not an example of commensalism?

Which one of the following is one of the characteristics of a biological community?

An interaction favourable to both population but no obligatory to either is ______.

There are two optional ways of exploitation one way is parasitism. Which is the other one ______.

The presence or interference of one species leads to reduction in feeding efficiency of other species is termed as

Which type of interaction is represented by the given figure?

In spite of interspecific competition in nature, which mechanism the competing species might have evolved for their survival?

Amensalism can be represented as ______

Amensalism is an association between two species where ______.

What is commensalism?

Give one example for the following type.

Camouflaged animal

Discuss the various types of positive interactions between species.

Give one example for the following:

A parasitic angiosperm

Complete the following chart regarding population interaction and re-write:

Sr. No. Name of interaction Interaction between
1. ? Plasmodium and Man
2. ? Leopard and Lion
3. ? Clownfish and Sea-anemone

"Cattle and goats do not browse the Calotropis plant." Justify the statement giving reasons.

Mention the scientific name of protozoan parasite that causes Amoebiasis.

The diagram given below shows the life cycle of a malarial parasite. Study it carefully and answer the questions that follows:

  1. Name the hosts in which the asexual phase and sexual phase of the life cycle takes place.
  2. Identify the infective stage labelled ‘D’.
  3. Name the structure labelled ‘A’ and ‘E’.
  4. Give any one symptom of malaria.

Some orchids live on the branches of mango trees. Name the type of interaction that exists between the mango tree and the orchid.


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