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State Fleming’s left-hand rule.



Fleming’s left hand rule states that if we arrange the thumb, the centre finger, and the forefinger of the left hand at right angles to each other, then the thumb points towards the direction of the magnetic force, the centre finger gives the direction of current, and the forefinger points in the direction of magnetic field.

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Chapter 13: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - Intext Questions [Page 233]


NCERT Science Class 10
Chapter 13 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Intext Questions | Q 1 | Page 233


The magnetic field in a given region is uniform. Draw a diagram to represent it.

A positively-charged particle (alpha-particle) projected towards west is deflected towards north by a magnetic field. The direction of magnetic field is

State Fleming's left hand rule.

Observe the following figure:

If the current in the coil A is changed, will some current be induced in the coil B? Explain.

Draw the magnetic lines of force due to a circular wire carrying current. 

 What are the various ways in which the strength of magnetic field produced by a current-carrying circular coil can be increased?

Name any two factors on which the strength of magnetic field produced by a current-carrying solenoid depends. How does it depend on these factors?

A soft iron bar is inserted inside a current-carrying solenoid. The magnetic field inside the solenoid:

(a) will decrease
(b) will increase
(c) will become zero
(d) will remain the same

In the simple electric motor of figure given below, the coil rotates anticlockwise as seen by the eye from the position X when current flows in the coil  


Is the current flowing clockwise or anticlockwise around the coil when viewed from above? 

What is the force on a current-carrying wire that is parallel to a magnetic field? Give reason for your answer. 

Complete the following sentence :
when current flows in a wire, it creates ………..

Name three factors on which the magnitude of force on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field depends and state how does the force depend on the factors stated by you.

Name and state the law which is used to determine the direction of force on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field.

How will the direction of force be changed, if the current is reversed in the conductor placed in a magnetic field?

Name the following diagram and explain the concept behind them.

i) Which principle is explained in this figure?
ii) Which rule is used to find out the direction of a force in this principle?
iii) In which machine this principle is used? Draw a diagram showing working of that machine

State two ways to increase the speed of rotation of a D.C. motor.

Differentiate between Conductors and insulators.

State whether a magnetic field is associated or not around a static charge.

State under what conditions force acting on a current carrying conductor which is freely suspended in a magnetic field can be Zero.

Write Fleming’s left hand rule.

The diagram below shows a free conductor AB is kept in a magnetic field and is carrying current from A to B. (To avoid confusion complete path of the circuit is not shown) The direction of the force experienced by the conductor will be:

What do you know about Michael Faraday?

Assertion (A): A magnetic field exerts a force on a moving charge in the same direction as the direction of the field itself.
Reason (R): The direction of force is given by Fleming’s left-hand rule.

A current-carrying conductor of a certain length, kept perpendicular to the magnetic field experiences a force F. What will be the force if the current is increased four times, the length is halved and the magnetic field is tripled?

Observe the given figure of Fleming's Left Hand Rule and write the labels of 'A' and 'B':

Assertion (A): A current carrying straight conductor experiences a force when placed perpendicular to the direction of magnetic field.

Reason (R): The net charge on a current carrying conductor is always zero.

If the strength of the current flowing through a wire is increased, the strength of the magnetic field produced by it ______.


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