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State Fleming'S Left Hand Rule. - Science

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Short Note

State Fleming's left hand rule.

Name and state the law used to find the direction of force on a current carrying conductor kept in a magnetic field.

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Solution 1

According to this rule, stretch the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of your left hand such that they are mutually perpendicular. If the first finger points in the direction of magnetic field and the second finger in the direction of the current, then the thumb will point in the direction of motion of the conductor or the force acting on the conductor.

Solution 2

Fleming's left hand rule can be stated as: Stretch the forefinger, the middle finger and the thumb of the right hand, such that they are mutually perpendicular to each other. If the forefinger indicates the direction of the magnetic field, the middle finger indicates the direction of current in the conductor then thumb indicates the direction of force exerted on the conductor.

Concept: Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field
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