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State the Different Networks of Grapevine Communications. - Business Studies

Short Note

State the different networks of grapevine communications.

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Grapevine communication or informal communication refers to the communication that arises out of social interaction among employees and spreads without following the formal communication path. The following are the types of grapevine communication network.

i. Single Strand Network: In this network, the information spreads from one person to other in a sequence. That is, one person communicates to another person who turn communicates to some other person.

ii. Gossip Network: In gossip network, one person shares the information with many other people.

iii. Probability Network: Under a probability network, an individual shares the information randomly with other people. That is, the person is indifferent about who he shares the information with. 

iv. Cluster Network: In this network, information is first shared between two people who trust each other. One of them then passes the information to some other person who in turn shares it with another and so the information spreads. 

Concept: Formal and Informal Communication
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