State the Cause of Adenosine Deaminase Enzyme Deficiency. - Biology


State the cause of adenosine deaminase enzyme deficiency.



Adenosine deaminase enzyme deficiency is caused by the deletion of the gene for adenosine deaminase which is essential for the functioning of the immune system.

Concept: Immunity
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Write a note on ‘artificial acquired active immunity’.

It is generally observed that the children who had suffered from chicken – pox in their childhood may not contract the same disease in their adulthood. Explain giving reasons the basics of such immunity in an individual. Name this kind of immunity.

A heavily bleeding and bruised road accident victim was brought to a nursing home. The doctor immediately gave him an injection to protect him against a deadly disease.

(a) Write what did the doctor inject into the patient’s body.

(b) How do you think this injection would protect the patient against the disease?

(c) Name the disease against which this injection was given and the kind of immunity it provides.

Why is secondary immune response more intense than the primary immune response in humans?

Name the primary and secondary lymphoid organs

Differentiate the following and give examples of Active and passive immunity

Draw a well-labelled diagram of an antibody molecule.

Write a note on erythrocytes.

Mention the first vaccine developed against any human disease.

Suggest a method to ensure an anamnestic response in humans.

What are interferons?

Mention role of interferons

In the following questions/statements has four suggested answers. Rewrite the correct answer

An antiviral protein released from infected and dying cells is:

(A) Antigen

(B) Antibody

(C) Antiserum

(D) Interferon

Expand the following: SCID

Given below is a scheme of classifying immunity against human diseases. Fill up the types of immunity in the blanks 1-9.

Name the following:

The category of immunity required in the treatment of snake-bite.

Name the following:

The vaccine that helps to produce immunity against polio.

Write the full forms of AIDS.

Write the full forms of: BCG

Differentiate between: Active immunity and passive immunity

Write the full forms of: WHO

Write the full forms of: ATS

Write the full forms of: STD

Mention if the following statement is true (T) or false (F).

Treatment by the use of chemicals is known as allopathy.

Answer the following question:

Name the antibody which is most effective in allergies.

Give one significant difference between primary lymphoid organs and secondary lymphoid organs. Give one example of each.

Answer the following question.
Differentiate between the roles of B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes in generating immune responses.

State the function of interpherons.

Mention one application of the following:

What do the abbreviations CMIS denote?

Immunity acquired after an infection is ______immunity.

Which one of the following is the most accurate definition of the term ‘health’?

Define ‘Health’, as given by WHO.

What are congenital diseases?

Enlist any four barriers that contribute to innate immunity.

Explain the importance of epithelial surface in innate immunity.

Explain the various types of acquired immunity.

____________ is a foreign substance capable of stimulating an immune response.

In acquired immunity there is a specific mechanism for each foreign molecule. This property is known as _______.

Coating of bacteria to facilitate subsequent phagocytosis by macrophages is known as ____________.

The epithelial barrier of the innate immune system is ____________.

Which type of T-cells are responsible for producing lymphokines and stimulation of B- cells?

______ is secreted by killer T - cells.

All are forms of vaccines, EXCEPT ______.

Which cells deliver co-stimulatory signals for helper T-cells?

Match column I with column II and choose the correct option.

  Column I   Column II
i. Specificity a. Lymphocytes produced against each particular foreign molecule
ii. Diversity b. Self-cells are not attacked by immune system of the own body
iii. Memory c. Immune system works against multiple pathogens
iv. Discrimination between self and non-self d. Stronger immune response on second encounter

Any foreign substance invading body and capable of stimulating an immune response is ____________.

Production of which of the following is stimulated by secretin hormone?

______ provides a physical barrier. 

Innate immunity is ______

Which of the following components does not participate in innate immunity?


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