State Bohr’S Postulate of Hydrogen Atom Which Successfully Explains the Emission Lines in the Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom - Physics

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State Bohr’s postulate of hydrogen atom which successfully explains the emission lines in the spectrum of hydrogen atom. Use Rydberg formula to determine the wavelength of Hα line. [Given: Rydberg constant R = 1.03 × 107 m−1]

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Bohr’s third postulate successfully explains emission lines. It states that ‘Whenever an electron jumps from one of its specified non-radiating orbit to another such orbit, it emits or absorbs a photon whose energy is equal to the energy difference between the initial and final states’.



The Rydberg formula for the Balmer series is given as


‘R’ is a constant called the Rydberg constant and its value is 1.03 × 107 m−1.

The Hα-line of the Balmer series is obtained when an electron jumps to the second orbit (nf = 2) from the third orbit (ni = 3).






λ = 6.99 x 10-7 

λ = 699 x 10-2 x 10-7 

λ = 699 nm

The value of λ lies in the visible region.

Concept: Bohr’s Model for Hydrogen Atom
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