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State Any Three Limitations of Divisional Structure of an Organisation. - Business Studies

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State any three limitations of divisional structure of an organisation.

State any two disadvantages OF divisional structure


Limitations of divisional structure:

1) Departmental Conflicts: With simultaneous functioning of multiple departments, it may happen that a conflict arises between departments with regard to decisions such as allocation of funds and resources. For example, a conflict may arise with regard to the division of workforce among departments

2) Increase in Cost: As each division functions separately, several activities which are common to the organisation are performed for each division separately. In other words, there is the duplication of activities. This leads to an increase in the overall cost for the organisation

3) Ignorance of Overall Objectives: It may happen that in achieving the divisional goals, the overall organisational goals take a backseat. In other words, while focusing on divisional objectives, divisional managers ignore the overall organisational objectives.

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State Any Three Limitations of Divisional Structure of an Organisation. Concept: Structure of Organisation.
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