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State Any Four Assumptions of Kinetic Theory of Gases. - Physics

Short Note

State any four assumptions of kinetic theory of gases.

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a) A gas consists of very large number of extremely small particles known as molecules.

b) The intermolecular force of attraction between gas molecules are negligible.

c) Molecules are always in the state of random motion, i.e., they are moving in all possible directions with all possible velocities. This state is called molecular chaos

d) Between any two successive collisions, a molecule travels in a straight line with constant velocity. It is called free path.


  1. A gas consists of a large number of tiny particles called molecules. 
  2. The molecules are rigid, perfectly elastic spheres of very small diameters.
  3. All the molecules of the same gas are identical in shape, size and mass. 
  4. Actual volume occupied by gas molecules is very small compared to the total volume occupied by the gas.
Concept: Kinetic Theory of Gases- Assumptions
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