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State Any Four Advantages of External Sources of Recruitment - Business Studies

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ConceptStaffing - Recruitment Process


State any four advantages of external sources of recruitment


External sources of recruitment are the ones where job vacancies are filled from outside the organisation. Benefits of external sources of recruitment:

1) Fresh talent: Recruitment through external resources gives scope for entry of new talent resources into the organisation. Hence, there is increased organisational efficiency.

2) Wider choice: External sources provide a wide variety of choices for selecting the suitable candidate. For example, advertisement or placement agencies help in recruiting the right person from various applicants who applied for the job. Hence, the organisation is able to select from various applicants.

3) Competitive spirit: When external resources join the organisation, existing employees will compete with new external resources by working hard. Hence, there is a competitive spirit among existing and external resources in the organisation.

4) Qualified personnel: Recruitment through external sources assists in hiring qualified, specialised personnel and trained resources for designated jobs. Hence, these resources are capable to adapt to changes in technological development.

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Solution State Any Four Advantages of External Sources of Recruitment Concept: Staffing - Recruitment Process.
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