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State Any 'Five Principles of Henry Fayol. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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State any 'five principles of Henry Fayol.

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The following are five of the principles of Henry Fayol

  1. Division of work - Division of work means that a given task should be divided into small groups or units so that it can be performed in a competent manner. These units are assigned to employees who specialise in it. Thus, this principle also focuses on work specialisation.
  2. Authority and responsibility - ‘Authority’ means the power to give orders and assign duties, whereas ‘responsibility’ refers to a worker’s obligation to perform the assigned duties. According to this principle, managers should strike a balance between power and obligation. When responsibility is assigned to a person, he/she should also be given some authority; and when a person is given authority, he/she should be held responsible for that work. Thus, both go hand in hand for the successful completion of the work.
  3. Discipline - The principle says that an organisation should follow rules and regulations and also ensure conformity to the set rules and policies. It is important for both the management as well as the workers that they honour their commitments and make clear and fair agreements.
  4. Unity of command - According to the concept of unity of command, an employee should be answerable to only one boss. If an employee receives commands and directions from two or more superiors, then it will create confusion in the mind of the employee and will also lead to chaos and conflict.
  5. Unity of direction - Unity of direction means that each unit of an organisation works towards the accomplishment of one common organisational objective. According to the principle, different units having common goals should have a single head. They should frame plans and carry out tasks accordingly. This ensures elimination of overlapping and duplication of work.
Concept: Significance of Principles of Management
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