Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard
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Spot the Following in the Table of Vitamins and Minerals. Foods Required to Prevent the Above Diseases. - General Science


Spot the following in the table of vitamins and minerals.

Foods required to prevent the above diseases.

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Foods required to prevent the diseases are:

Foods to avoid these diseases
Night blindness Carrot, milk, butter, dark green vegetables, sweet potato
Scurvy Amla, kiwi, oranges, other citrus fruits, tomato, green leafy vegetables
Rickets Milk, fish, eggs, and butter
Beriberi Milk, fish, meat, cereals, nuts, pulses
Concept: Nutrients
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Balbharati General Science 6th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 7 Nutrition and Diet
Exercise | Q 2.4 | Page 56
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