Solution - Name Two Important Processes that Occur During the Formation of a PN Junction - Special Purpose P-n Junction Diodes



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Name two important processes that occur during the formation of a pn junction


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Colour of light emitted by LED depends upon__________________ .

  1. its forward bias
  2. its reverse bias
  3. the band gap of the material of semiconductor
  4. its size
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If a small voltage is applied to a p-n junction diode, how will the barrier potential be affected when it is (i) forward biased

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Using the necessary circuit diagrams, show how the V-I characteristics of a p-n junction are obtained in

Reverse biasing

How are these characteristics made use of in rectification?

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With what considerations in view, a photodiode is fabricated? State its working with the help of a suitable diagram.

Even though the current in the forward bias is known to be more than in the reverse bias, yet the photodiode works in reverse bias. What is the reason?

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Meeta's father was driving her to school. At the traffic signal, she noticed that each traffic light was made of many tiny lights instead of a single bulb. When Meeta asked this question to her father, he explained the reason for this.

Answer the following questions based on above information:

(i) What were the values displayed by Meeta and her father?

(ii) What answer did Meeta's father give?

(iii) What are the tiny lights in traffic signals called and how do these operate?

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Solution for question: Name Two Important Processes that Occur During the Formation of a PN Junction concept: Special Purpose P-n Junction Diodes. For the courses 12th CBSE (Arts), 12th CBSE (Commerce), 12th CBSE (Science)