“Some Philosophers Believe that a Concept Which Cannot Be Verified Can Still Be Valid Because of Its Inner Logic Which Ennobles It.” - Logical Reasoning

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“Some philosophers believe that a concept which cannot be verified can still be valid because of its inner logic which ennobles it.”

In light of the above statement, decide the status of the statement given below.

Statement: “Every person has certain inherent and inalienable rights which must be protected by Rule of Law.”


  • True

  • False

  • Difficult to determine

  • Both True and False

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The first statement means that according to some philosophers, a concept which can’t be verified can still be considered valid because of the inner reasoning attached to it and which gives it a noble character. The given statement is true in light of the above statements. It says that every person has ‘certain inherent and inalienable rights’ (i.e. concepts) which can’t be verified i.e. ascertained whether they are justified or not, right or wrong. Because of the nature of such rights and the fact that they are inalienable to an individual, these rights are considered valid and given the status of protection by the Rule of Law.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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