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Some Hunters Are Roaming in the Plush Green Forest of Africa. They Spot a Deer and Kill It. They Decide to Roast the Deer There and Then and Eat It.(A) Write a Food Chain Which Provides Food to Lion I - Science

Some hunters are roaming in the plush green forest of Africa. They spot a deer and kill it. They decide to roast the deer there and then and eat it. When the hunters had just finished enjoying the feast of roasted deer, a lion attacks them. The lion kills one of the hunters and eats his flesh.
(a) write a food chain which provides food to lion in this case.
(b) Which animal (other than deer) the lion could look for food if he did not get the hunter as prey?
(c) Which other animal in the forest could have been in place of lion?
(d) How does the above food chain differ form the food chain such as : plants → goat → man?

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(a) The following is the food chain that provides food to the lion in the given case:
                                 Plants→Deer→Man → Lion
(b) The lion could have looked for a herbivore, such a wild buffalo or a zebra, if it he had not got the hunter as prey.
(c) Any top consumer, such as a tiger or a python, could have been in the place of the lion in the forest.
(d) In the food chain, 
Plants→ Goat→ Man
man is the top consumer whereas, in the food chain,

Plants→ Deer→ Man→ Lion,
the top consumer is lion.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 5 Our Environment
Q 77 | Page 230
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