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Solve the Following Question and Mark the Most Appropriate Option. There Were 200 Students Who Gave a Competitive Exam. the Exam Had Three Sections English, Maths and General Knowledge(Gk). - Logical Reasoning


Solve the following question and mark the most appropriate option.
There were 200 students who gave a competitive exam. The exam had three sections English, Maths and General Knowledge(GK). Ten students could not pass in any of the subjects. Number of students passed in English was 125, Maths was 95 and general Knowledge was 95. 55 students passed in English and Mathematics. 45 students passed in GK and Maths and 60students passed in GK and English. 20 students passed in English and Maths but failed in GK.
How many passed in all three Subjects?


  • 25

  • 35

  • 15

  • 20

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It is clear from the diagram that the number of students passed in all three subjects are 35.

Concept: Analytical and Logical Reseasoning
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