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Solve the Following Question. a Message Signal of Frequency 20 Khz and Peak Voltage 10 V is Used to Modulate a Carrier of Frequency 2 Mhz and Peak Voltage of 15 V. Calculate the Modulation Index. - Physics



Solve the following question.
A message signal of frequency 20 kHz and peak voltage 10 V is used to modulate a carrier of frequency 2 MHz and peak voltage of 15 V. Calculate the modulation index. Why the modulation index is generally kept less than one? 


`"F"_"m" = 20 "kHz" =` Message signal frequency

`"V"_"m" = 10"V"` = Peak voltage do messege signal 

`"F"_"c" = 2 "MHz"` = Carrier frequency

`"V"_"c" = 15"V"` = peak voltage of carrier signal

Modulation index = `"V"_"m"/"V"_"c" = 10/15 = 2/3`

To avoid distortion the modulation signal is generally kept less than one.

Concept: Amplitude Modulation
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