Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 10th
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Solve the crossword using the list of words and the clues. - English

Short Note

Solve the crossword using the list of words and the clues.

infer observe examine revealed inconceivable aspects link detective inquisitive inspect conclude inquiry analyze mental deduce investigate.

Across Down
2. a question 1. curious; wants to understand things
5. unimaginable 3. related to the mind
6. to examine all the parts of something in order to understand it. 4. a person whose job is to find or recognize the hidden information needed to solve a crime
9. to look into a situation (often a crime, but it can also be a mystery. 7. to look closely at something
12. a connection; one part of a chain 8. shown or made known
14. to notice or watch 10. different sides or ways of looking at something
15. to figure out something unknown by considering all its known aspects and reasoning it through 11. to make a logical guess that something is true based on the evidence, although the evidence is not clear enough to be absolutely certain
16. to consider the evidence and then decide what is true or correct (OR to end something) 13. to look at something carefully to find problems or specific information
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Concept: Prose (Class 10th)
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Samacheer Kalvi English Class 10th SSLC Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 7.1 The Dying Detective
Warm up | Q 1 | Page 188
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