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Solve the Following: People of Sundargram Planted Trees in the Village Garden. Some of the Trees Were Fruit Trees. the Number of Non-fruit Trees Was Two More than Three - Mathematics

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Solve the following:

People of Sundargram planted trees in the village garden. Some of the trees were fruit trees. The number of non-fruit trees was two more than three times the number of fruit trees. What was the number of fruit trees planted if the number of non-fruit trees planted was 77?

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Let the number of fruit trees be x.

3 × Number of fruit trees + 2 = Number of non-fruit trees

3x + 2 = 77

3x = 77 - 2 (Transposing 2 to R.H.S.)

3x = 75

Dividing both sides of the equation by 3

`(3x)/3 = 75/3`

x = 25

Therefore, the number of fruit trees was 25

Concept: Applications of Simple Equations to Practical Situations
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NCERT Class 7 Maths
Chapter 4 Simple Equations
Exercise 4.4 | Q 3.3 | Page 91

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