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Solve the Following Example.Doctor Has Prescribed a Lens Having Power +1.5 D. What Will Be the Focal Length of the Lens? What is the Type of the Lens and What Must Be the Defect of Vision? - Science and Technology 1

Short Note

Solve the following example.
Doctor has prescribed a lens having power +1.5 D. What will be the focal length of the lens? What is the type of the lens and what must be the defect of vision?

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Power of lens, P = +1.5 D
Now, focal length of lens, \[f = \frac{1}{P} = + \frac{1}{1 . 5} = + 0 . 67 m\]
Since, the focal length is positive, the lens prescribed for correction is convex lens. Thus, the defect of vision is farsightedness or hypermetropia. 

Concept: Eye Defect and its correction: Hypermetropia or far-sightedness
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