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Solve the Following Example. an Object of Mass 16 Kg is Moving with an Acceleration of 3 M/S2 . Calculate the Applied Force. If the Same Force is Applied on an Object of Mass 24 Kg, How Much Will - Science and Technology


Solve the following example.
An object of mass 16 kg is moving with an acceleration of 3 m/s2. Calculate the applied force. If the same force is applied on an object of mass 24 kg, how much will be the acceleration?

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m = 16 kg, a =  3 m/s
F = m × a
F = 16 × 3 = 48 N
Now, F = 48 N, m =24 kg
F = m × a
48 = 24 × a
a = 2 m/s2

Concept: Acceleration and Retardation
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Balbharati Science and Technology 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Laws of Motion
Exercise | Q 7.2 | Page 17
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