Solution - Solubility - Solubility of a Gas in a Liquid



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Explain, why do aquatic animals prefer to stay at lower level of water during summer?


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Henry’s law constant for CO2 in water is 1.67 × 108 Pa at 298 K. Calculate the quantity of CO2 in 500 mL of soda water when packed under 2.5 atm CO2 pressure at 298 K

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What is the effect of temperature on solubility of a gas in a liquid?

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H2S, a toxic gas with rotten egg like smell, is used for the qualitative analysis. If the solubility of H2S in water at STP is 0.195 m, calculate Henry’s law constant.

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State Henry’s law.

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The partial pressure of ethane over a solution containing 6.56 × 10−3 g of ethane is 1 bar. If the solution contains 5.00 × 10−2 g of ethane, then what shall be the partial pressure of the gas?

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Solution for concept: Solubility - Solubility of a Gas in a Liquid. For the courses 12th HSC Science (Computer Science), 12th HSC Science (Electronics), 12th HSC Science (General)