Since the Origin of Life on Earth, There Were Five Episodes of Mass Extinction of Species List Any Four Points that Can Help to Overcome this Disaster. - Biology

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Since the origin of life on Earth, there were five episodes of mass extinction of species List any four points that can help to overcome this disaster.


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(i) All the threatened species should be protected. Priority should be given to ones belonging to monotypic genera, endangered over vulnerable, vulnerable over rare and rare over other species.

(ii) All the possible varieties, old or new, of food forage and timber plants, livestock, aquaculture animals and microbes are conserved.

(iii) Wild relatives of all the economically important organisms should be identified and conserved in protected areas.

(iv) Critical habitats for feeding/breeding/resting/nursing of each species should be identified and safeguarded.

Concept: Extinction
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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 1

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