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Sherlock Holmes is the leading character in the extract. Explain. - English

Answer in Brief

Sherlock Holmes is the leading character in the extract. Explain.

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At the beginning of the extract, we see that Miss Mary Morstan comes to meet Sherlock Holmes with a case. Through her conversation with Holmes, we come to know that in the past he had solved a case for Miss Morstan’s employer, Mrs. Cecil Forrester. This is the first time we are introduced to Sherlock Holmes as a detective. Dr. Watson describes him as having clear-cut, hawk-like features. Upon listening to Miss Morstan’s story, he is the one who questions her further. This helps the reader understand Holmes’ importance in the extract, thus adding weight to his character. After Miss Morstan leaves, Holmes swings into action by going out to gain more information about the case. Upon his return, he shares his findings with Dr. Watson, which are quite commendable considering he was able to gain so much information in one afternoon. This further strengthens his character as the main lead in the story. An important point of observation is Holmes’ stark refusal to let emotions come in the way of solving a case. This lack of emotion not only sets him apart from Watson, but also from the average reader, making him an extraordinary character. It is perhaps this complete focus on rationality and logic that enables Holmes to make quick advances in the case. On the carriage ride, Holmes deciphers the contents of the page that Miss Morstan shares with him, thus highlighting his intellectual prowess. On the second carriage ride, as the trio are being taken away to an unknown destination, Dr. Watson feels lost, but Holmes is able to clearly identify the places through which the carriage passes. Holmes is, therefore, depicted as the leading character in the extract through the qualities exhibited by him over the course of the story.

Concept: Reading Skill
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Balbharati English Yuvakbharati 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4.4 The Sign of Four
Brainstorming (A1) Character | Q 3 | Page 215
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