Solution - Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants



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ConceptSexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants  


A student was asked to observe and identify the various parts of an embryo of a red kidney bean seed. He identified the parts and listed them as under:

I. Tegmen

II. Testa

III. Cotyledon

IV. Radicle

V. Plumule

The correctly identified parts among these are

(A) I, II and III

(B) II, III and IV

(C) III, IV and V

(D) I, III, IV and V


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Name and differentiate between the two modes of pollination in flowering plants.

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You are asked by your teacher to study the different parts of an embryo of a gram seed. Given below are the steps to be followed for the experiment:

I. Soak the gram seeds in plain water and keep them overnight.

II. Cut open a soaked seed and observe its different parts.

III. Take some dry gram seeds in a petri dish.

IV. Drain the excess water.

V. Cover the soaked seeds with a wet cotton cloth and leave them for a day.

The correct sequence of these steps is :

(A) III, I, V, IV, II

(B) III, I, II, IV, V

(C) III, IV, V, I, II

(D) III, I, IV, V, II

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In the following diagram showing the structure of embryo of a dicot seed, what are the parts marked I, II and III sequentially?

(A) Plumule, Cotyledon, Radicle

(B) Plumule, Radicle, Cotyledon

(C) Cotyledon, Plumule, Radicle

(D) Radicle, Plumule, Cotyledon

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A student identified the various parts of an embryo of a gram seed and listed them as given below :

(I) Testa

(II) Plumule

(III) Radicle

(IV) Cotyledon

(V) Tegmen

Out of these the actual parts of the embryo are :

(A) I, II, III


(C) III, IV, V

(D) II, IV, V

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Solution for concept: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants. For the course 8th-10th CBSE