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If X chromosome is inherited from mother and Y from father, the offspring will be male.


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 How is the sex of the child determined in human beings?

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"The sex of a newborn child is a matter of chance and none of the parents may be considered responsible for it". Draw a flow chart showing determination of sex of a newborn to justify this statement.

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Differentiate between 'ZZ' and 'XY' type of sex-determination mechanisms.

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Answer the following questions related to sex determination in human beings:
i. What is sex chromosome?
ii. How many pairs of chromosomes are present in human beings?
iii. How is the sex of the human offspring determined?
iv. Draw a diagram depicting sex determination in man.

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Write the types of sex-determination mechanisms the following crosses show. Give an example of each type.
(i) Female XX with Male XO
(ii) Female ZW with Male ZZ

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Solution for concept: Sex Determination - Sex Determination in Humans. For the course 9th - 10th SSC (English Medium)