Sergius: Louka!She Stops and Looks Defiantly at Him a Gentleman Has No Right to Hurt a Woman Under Any Circumstances. with Profound Hum - English (Literature in English)

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Louka! (she stops and looks defiantly at him) A gentleman has no right to hurt a woman under any ` circumstances. [with profound humility, uncovering his head]  beg your pardon. 


That sort of apology may satisfy a lady. Of what use is it to a servant? 

Sergius :

[rudely crossed in his chivalry, throws it off with a bitter laugh, and says slightingly) Oh! Do you wish to be paid for the hurt? [He puts on his shako, and takes some money from his pocket].

Louka :

[her eyes filling with tears in spite of herself] No: I want my hurt made well.

Sergius : [sobered by her tone] I low?

(i) Why does Sergius ask Louka's pardon? 
(ii) Why had he hurt her? 
(iii) Why does Louka remind Sergius that she is a servant? 
(iv) Why do Louka's eyes fill with tears? 
(v) How does Louka want her hurt made well? 
(vi) How does Sergius react to the suggestion 




Sergius asked for Louka’s pardon as he hurt her.


Sergius hurt Louka as she was gossiping about his mistress and he wanted to know from her who was his rival.


Louka reminds Sergius that she is a servant because he had hurt her as he gripped her tight & bruised her arms.


Louka’s eyes were filled with tears as Sergius had hurt in her arms & she wanted him to apologize more than he did.


Louka wanted Sergius to kiss her bruised arms where he had hurt her or else she won,t accept the apology


Sergius was surprised by her suggestions & refused it.

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