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Select and Write Analogous Structures from the List Given Below :Wings of Butterfly and Birds Vertebrate Hearts Tendrils Of Bougainvillea And Cucurbita Tubers of Sweet Potato and Potato - Biology

Select and write analogous structures from the list given below :

1) Wings of butterfly and birds

2) Vertebrate hearts

3) Tendrils of Bougainvillea and Cucurbita

4) Tubers of sweet potato and potato

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Solution 1

Among the given alternatives, examples of analogous structures are:

Wings of butterfly and birds: Both are used for flying, but both have different internal structures. Wings of butterfly are the extension of integuments, while wings of birds are formed of limb bones.

Tubers of sweet potato and potato: Both are used for food storage. However, the tuber of sweet potato is a modification of underground root, while the potato is a modified stem.

Solution 2

Following are the analogous structure from the given list :

1) Wings of butterfly and birds.

2) Tubers of sweet potato and potato.

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