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Science, like Any Knowledge, Can Be Put to Good Or Bad Use, Depending on the User.Given Below Are Some of the Applications of Science. Formulate Your Views on Whether The Particular Application is Good, Bad Or Something that Cannot Be So Clearly Categorized - Physics

Science, like any knowledge, can be put to good or bad use, depending on the user.Given below are some of the applications of science. Formulate your views on whether the particular application is good, bad or something that cannot be so clearly categorized :

(a) Mass vaccination against smallpox to curb and finally eradicate this disease from the population. (This has already been successfully done in India.)

(b) Television for the eradication of illiteracy and for mass communication of news and ideas.

(c) Prenatal sex determination.

(d) Computers for the increase in work efficiency.

(e) Putting artificial satellites into orbits around the Earth.

(f) Development of nuclear weapons.

(g) Development of new and powerful techniques of chemical and biological warfare.

(h) Purification of water for drinking.

(i) Plastic surgery.

(j) Cloning.

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(a) Good, because it helped in eradicating a dreaded disease from the Earth.

(b) Good, because it helps in literacy campaign and is an effective method of mass communication and entertainment.

(c) Bad, because it leads to practice of abortion in case of female foetus.

(d) Good, because it increases work efficiency.

(e) Good, because it helped in worldwide communication process.

(f) Bad, because nuclear weapons may cause mass destruction of mankind.

(g) Bad, because these techniques may be used for destructive purposes.

(h) Good, because pure water supply will improve the health of people.

(i) Plastic surgery is something which cannot be classified as either good or bad. The technique helps to remove certain type of deformations in needy persons. But plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes is not good.

(j) Cloning is bad because it has the potential to destroy the normal family life of human society.

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 1 Physical World
Q 11 | Page 14
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