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Saving Motherland I Can Save My Motherland by Putting an End to ……. - English

A1. Saving Motherland
I can save my motherland by putting an end to ……..

Republic Day! We grow aware
That nothing can be wrought by prayer
-Prop of the credulous-until
It is supported everywhere
By an all-powerful people's will !
We have been witness in the past to sights impossible to bear:
Famine and drought and dread and doom
Continue still to spread the gloom
Of humans turned to skeletons, to shrivelled bags of naked bones
Who have not even strength to vent their suffering through sobs and groans……
MAY EVERY Indian's heart become
An unafraid announcing drum
Echoing and re-echoing a new hope and a new desire
To burn up rubbish-heaps of hate,
Once and for all. Time cannot wait!
Burn up all selfish aims and ends in a great nation's cleansing fire!
Let India's millions chant in chorus:
A mighty future stands before us-
Down with all ruthless tyranny, down with all exploitation which
Renders the poor the poorer-and renders the bloated rich, more rich !

A 2. How does the poet express the condition of people during famines and droughts?                                                                                                       (2)

Match the line with the figure of speech:

'A' ‘B’
(i) Drought and dread and doom (a) Personification
(ii) Time cannot wait (b) Alliteration
  (c) Metaphor


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I can save my motherland by putting an end to hatred, selfish aims and ends, exploitation, and

The poet says that people who live in regions hit by famines and droughts turn into skeletons and shrivelled bags of naked bones. They do not even have the strength to vent their suffering through sobs and groans.

(i) Drought and dread and doom: Alliteration
(ii) Time cannot wait: Personification


Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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