Social Science: Minerals and Energy Resources - Distribution and Utilization and Conservation of Power Resources


In the present day energy crisis what step will you like to take for saving energy ?



Energy is the basic requirement for economic development. But in the present day with the increase in population, rising demands, widespread industrialization, increased consumption, changes in transportation and so on our energy requirements are continuously increasing. Hence there is an urgent need to look for alternative sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy etc and conserve the available sources of energy.

Some steps that can be followed to save energy are as follows:

  1. Use less energy consuming lights and bulbs at home, offices and public places.
  2. Judicious use of our limited energy resources.
  3. Search for alternative and non-conventional sources of energy.
  4. Use of bio-gas for cooking and lighting in houses.
  5. Use of solar cookers, solar heaters and solar cells instead of conventional sources like fuel, LPG etc
Concept: Distribution and Utilization and Conservation of Power Resources
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