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Saurabh Decided to Start a Chocolate Manufacturing Business. He Set Then a Target of Earning 10% Profit on Sales in the First Year. as a Good Businessman, He Was Concerned About the Future of the - Business Studies

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One Line Answer

Answer the following question:
Saurabh decided to start a chocolate manufacturing business. He set then a target of earning 10% profit on sales in the first year. As a good businessman, he was concerned about the future of the business, which was uncertain. He gathered information that the demand for chocolates is increasing day-by-day. He used this information as the base for future planning and shared it with his team. On the basis of the gathered information, he scheduled a meeting in the following week to find innovative ways to achieve the objectives.
List the first two steps, which have been followed by Saurabh that are related to the process of one of the functions of management.

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Steps followed by Saurabh which are related to planning:

  1. Setting objectives
  2. Developing premises
Concept: Management Functions
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