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S1: Manisha Went Shopping One Morning. P: Disappointed She Turned Around and Returned to the Parking Lot. Q: She Got Out and Walked to the Nearest Shop. R: She Drove Her Car into the Parking Lot - English Language

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In the question given below, the passage consists of six sentences. The first and sixth sentences are given at the beginning. The middle four sentences have been removed and jumbled up. They are labelled as, P, Q, R, and S. Find out the proper order for the four sentences.

S1: Manisha went shopping one morning.
P: Disappointed she turned around and returned to the parking lot.
Q: She got out and walked to the nearest shop.
R: She drove her car into the parking lot and stopped.
S: It was there that she realised that she'd forgotten her purse at home.
S6: She drove home with an empty basket.
The proper sequence should be


  • RSQP

  • RQSP

  • PQRS

  • QPRS

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Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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