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S1 : Ants Eat Worms, Centipedes, and Spiders. P: They Also Eat Larvae and Insect Adults Such as Flies, Moths, and Springtails. Q: Nevertheless, These Animals Do Not Make Easy Games for Ants. - English Language

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In the question given below, the passage consists of six sentences. The first and sixth sentences are given at the beginning. The middle four sentences have been removed and jumbled up. They are labelled as, P, Q, R, and S. Find out the proper order for the four sentences.

S1 : Ants eat worms, centipedes, and spiders.
P: They also eat larvae and insect adults such as flies, moths, and springtails.
Q: Nevertheless, these animals do not make easy games for ants.
R: Besides, they have an extraordinary number of ways of escaping.
S: They are usually much quicker than the ant itself.
S6: Some jump and some give out a pungent repellent substance.
The proper sequence should be


  • SQPR

  • SPRQ

  • SQRP

  • SRQP

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Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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