S: There is Nothing in the World More Fascinating than Watching a Child Grow and Develop. P: at First You Think of It a Just a Matter of Growing Bigger. - English Language


In the following passage consists of five sentences. The first sentence is given in the beginning. The four sentences in each passage have been jumbled up. These are labeled P, Q, R, and S. You are required to find out the proper sequence of the four sentences.

There is nothing in the world more fascinating than watching a child grow and develop.
P: At first you think of it a just a matter of growing bigger.
Q: Then, as the infant begins to do things, you may think of it as “learning tricks”. 
R: In some ways, the development of each child retraces the whole history of the human race, physically and spiritually, step by step. 
S: But, it’s really more complicated and full of meaning than that. 
The proper sequence should be


  • P Q S R

  • R P Q S

  • P Q R S 

  • R P S Q



P Q S R is the correct option.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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