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Rupesh Wanted to Buy an Air-conditioner. He Bought It When the Sales Tax on It Had Just Increased by 6%. as a Result Rupesh Had to Pay Rs 1,920 More. Find the Marked Price of the Air-conditioner. - Mathematics


Rupesh wanted to buy an air-conditioner. He bought it when the sales tax on it had just increased by 6%. As a result Rupesh had to pay Rs 1,920 more. Find the marked price of the air-conditioner.

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The increase in price of the air-conditioner is only because of increase in amount of sales tax.

Let marked price be x 

And increase in amount of sales tax is 

=(Increase in rate of sales tax) x Price/100 

This amount is given as Rs.1, 920. 

Also it is given 

Increase in rate of sales tax = 6 %


Rs 1,920 = `x xx 6/100`

Rs 1920 = `(6 x)/100`

x = Rs `(1920 xx 100)/6` = Rs 32000

Thus marked price of the air-conditioner is Rs. 32,000 

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Frank ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Part 2
Chapter 2 Sales Tax and Value Added Tax
Exercise 2.1 | Q 24 | Page 35
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