Solution - Rules for the Inheritance of Traits - Mendel’s Contributions



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ConceptRules for the Inheritance of Traits - Mendel’s Contributions  


List any two contrasting characters other than roundness of pea plants that Mendel used in his experiments with pea plants.


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How do Mendel's experiment show that traits are inherited independently?

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In one of his experiments with pea plants, Mendel observed that when a pure tall pea plant is crossed with a pure dwarf pea plant in the first generation, F1, only tall plants appear.

(a) What happens to the traits of the dwarf plants in this case?

(b) When the F1-​generation plants were self-fertilised, he observed that in the plants of the second generation, F2, both tall plants and dwarf plants were present. Why it happened? Explain briefly.

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How is the equal genetic contribution of male and female parents ensured in the progeny?

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How do Mendel’s experiments show that the traits may be dominant or recessive 

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How did Mendel interpret his results to show that traits may be dominant or recessive? Describe briefly.

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Solution for concept: Rules for the Inheritance of Traits - Mendel’s Contributions. For the course 8th-10th CBSE