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'Resistance is the Only Option Available to Overcome the Hegemony". Justify the Statement by Comparing It to Other Antihegemony Strategies. - Political Science

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'Resistance is the only option available to overcome the hegemony". Justify the statement by comparing it to other antihegemony strategies.

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1. No single power in the world is anywhere near balancing the US militarily. Differences between countries such as Russia, China and India (having the potential to challenge US hegemony) make it less likely to form a military coalition against the US.

2. Some people find it strategically more prudent to take advantage of the opportunities which hegemony creates. For instance, raising economic growth rates requires increased trade technology transfers and investment, which are best acquired by working for rather than against hegemony. Thus, it is recommended that instead of engaging in activities opposed to the hegemonic power, it may be advisable to extract benefits by operating within the hegemonic system. This is called the 'bandwagon' strategy.

3. Another strategy is to hide. This means staying as far as possible from the dominant power. For instance, China, Russia, the European Union—all of them in different ways—are seeking to stay below the radar. While it may be an attractive, viable policy for small states, it is hard to imagine mega-states such as China, India and Russia or huge agglomerations such as the EU being able to hide for any substantial length of time.

4. Finally, some people believe that resistance to American hegemony may not come from other states but rather from non-state actors. These challenges to American hegemony will emerge in the economic and cultural realms, and will come from a combination of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), social movements and public opinion; it may arise from sections of the media and intellectuals, artists and writers. These various actors may well form links across national boundaries, including with Americans, to criticise and resist US policies.

Concept: Introduction of US Hegemony in World Politics
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