Solution - Reproduction - Modes of Reproduction Used by Single Organisms - Fission



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ConceptReproduction - Modes of Reproduction Used by Single Organisms - Fission  


What is multiple fission?


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List any two modes of asexual reproduction in animals.Under which mode of reproduction is vegetative propagation placed and why?

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Name one organism which exhibits multiple fission type of reproduction.

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A student has to focus his compound microscope to observe a prepared slide showing different stages of binary fission in Amoeba. The steps he is likely to follow are listed below in a haphazard manner:

I. Adjust the diaphragm and the mirror of the microscope so that sufficient light may enter to illuminate the slide.

II. Fix the slide on the stage carefully.

III. Adjust the microscope to high power and focus.

IV. Adjust the microscope to low power and focus.

The correct sequence of the above steps to observe the slide under the microscope is

(A) I, II, IV, III

(B) II, I, IV, III

(C) II, IV, I, III

(D) I, IV, II, III

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Name the type of asexual reproduction in which two individuals are formed from a single parent and the parental identity is lost. Draw the initial and the final stages of this type of reproduction. State the event with which this reproduction starts.

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For binary fission, Amoeba required .................... parent cells.
(a) Three
(b) Two
(c) One
(d) Zero

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