Solution - Reproduction - Modes of Reproduction Used by Single Organisms - Budding



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ConceptReproduction - Modes of Reproduction Used by Single Organisms - Budding  


Yeast reproduces by _________.
(a) spore formation
(b) multiple fission
(c) fragmentation
(d) budding


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A student is observing a permanent slide showing sequentially the different stages of asexual reproduction taking place in yeast. Name this process and draw diagrams, of what he observes, in a proper sequence.

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Identify the figures showing the process of budding in yeast.

(A) I, II and III

(B) II, III and IV

(C) I, II and IV

(D) III, IV and I

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When you study a slide showing different stages of budding in yeast, you observe the following stages:-

I. The bud may get separated from the parent body and develop into a new individual.

II. The body of the bud develops and gives rise to another baby bud.

III. A bud comes out in any direction from the body of the parent cell.

IV. Thus they may form a colony.

The proper sequence of the above stages is

(A) II, I, III, IV

(B) II, III, I, IV

(C) III, II, l, IV

(D) III, I, II, IV

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Draw labelled diagrams to illustrate budding in Hydra.

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Students were asked to observe the permanent slides showing different stages of budding in yeast under high power of a microscope.

(A) Which adjustment screw (coarse/fine) were you asked to move to focus the slides?

(B) Draw three diagrams in correct sequence showing budding in yeast.

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Solution for concept: Reproduction - Modes of Reproduction Used by Single Organisms - Budding. For the course 9th - 10th SSC (English Medium)