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Write the Functions of the Following Parts in Human Female Reproductive System - CBSE Class 10 - Science

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Write the functions of the following parts in human female reproductive system:-

(i) Ovary

(ii) Oviduct

(iii) Uterus

Solution 1

Functions of the Ovary:-

  • It produces female gametes (ova).
  • It secretes female sex hormones.
  • It secretes inhibin involved in the feedback control of pituitary FSH production.

Functions of the Oviduct:-

  • Fertilisation takes place here.
  • The fertilised ovum travels towards the uterus through the fallopian tube.

Functions of the Uterus:-

  • It supports and nourishes the developing foetus.
  • It expands according to the growth of the baby.

Solution 2

The functions of given parts of female reproductive system are as follows:-

Ovary: The ovaries are located on each side of the lower abdomen. They produce thousands of eggs in the female body. They also produce a hormone called oestrogen, which brings about the development of secondary sexual characteristics in the female body. The eggs produced in the ovary start maturing on reaching puberty.

Oviduct: One egg from each ovary grows and matures and is carried from the ovary to the uterus by a thin oviduct or the fallopian tube. Fertilisation of the egg also takes place in the oviduct.

Uterus: It is also known as the womb, as the developing embryo gets implanted in the uterus.

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Solution Write the Functions of the Following Parts in Human Female Reproductive System Concept: Reproduction in Human Beings.
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