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Removal of Gonads Cannot Be Considered as a Contraceptive Option. Why? - Biology

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Removal of gonads cannot be considered as a contraceptive option. Why?

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Solution 1

Contraceptive devices are used to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to prevent the spreading of STDs. There are many methods, such as natural, barrier, oral, and surgical methods, that prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, the complete removal of gonads cannot be a contraceptive option because it will lead to infertility and unavailability of certain hormones that are required for normal functioning of accessory reproductive parts. Therefore, only those contraceptive methods can be used that prevent the chances of fertilization rather than making the person infertile forever.

Solution 2

Removal of gonads or its parts is a surgical method ,of sterilization. Vasectomy and tubectomy are carried out in males and females respectively. It will lead to infertility & both male and female will be dependent on hormones in their remaining life to regulate functioning of reproductive organs. These are very effective but their irreversibility is very poor, so they are not good options for contraception.

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NCERT Class 12 Biology
Chapter 4 Reproductive Health
Exercises | Q 7 | Page 66

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