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Religions, like Camel Caravans, Seem to Avoid Mountain Passes. Buddhism Spread Quickly South from Buddha'S Birth-place in Southern Nepal Across the Flat Gangetic Plain to Sri Lanka. - Logical Reasoning



For the following question, read the given passage carefully and answer the question that follows.

`Religions, like camel caravans, seem to avoid mountain passes. Buddhism spread quickly south from Buddha's birth-place in southern Nepal across the flat Gangetic plain to Sri Lanka. But it took a millennium to reach China ... The religious belt stretched eventually to Mongolia and Japan, but in Afghanistan, Buddhism filled only a narrow belt that left pagans among the valleys to the east and west in Kailash and Ghor'.

Which of the following best summarises the subject of this paragraph?


  • The Afghan people were hostile to Buddhism

  • Geography has considerable impact on the spread of religions

  • Buddhism does not flourish in mountainous regions

  • Religion has a considerable impact on geography


Geography has considerable impact on the spread of religions


The paragraph talks about the spread of religion (Buddhism) vis-a-vis the geography of that place country. 'Geography has considerable impact on the spread of religions' summarizes the paragraph effectively.

Concept: Statement and Assumption (Entrance Exam)
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