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Regional Demands from Different Parts of India Exemplify the Principle of Unity with Diversity. Do You Agree? Give Reasons. - Political Science

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Regional demands from different parts of India exemplify the principle of unity with diversity. Do you agree? Give reasons.

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Yes, we agree with the statement because India adopted a democratic approach on these regional aspirations in place of considering them as anti-national:-

1. India’s democratic politics allows people and groups to address the people on the basis of their regional identity, aspiration, and specific regional problems.

2. India’s democratic politics focus on regional issues and problems to receive adequate attention and accommodation in the policy making process, i.e. regional aspirations of Assam, Punjab and North-East, Kashmir etc.

3. Its examples are in eighties, military erupted in Punjab, problems persisted in the North-East, students agitated in Assam and Kashmir valley was on the boil.

4. The government of India settled down some negotiations with these regional aspirations to reduce tensions in many regions.

5. Mizoram is an example of political settlement to resolve the problem of separation effectively.

It can be concluded that regional aspirations do not encourage separation but these respect diversity to retain unity in the nation.

Concept: Region and the Nation
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Politics in India since Independence
Chapter 8 Regional Aspirations
Exercise | Q 9 | Page 170
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