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Regarding Foreign Law Firms, the Supreme Court Held that Foreign Law Firms Can Set up Offices in India. Foreign Lawyers Can Practice in India. Foreign Lawyers Can - Legal Reasoning

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Regarding foreign law firms, the Supreme Court held

  1. That foreign law firms can set up offices in India.
  2. Foreign lawyers can practice in India.
  3. Foreign lawyers can visit India for a temporary period on a fly in and fly out basis.
  4. Foreign lawyers can give advice to their clients on Indian laws.


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The division bench of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India recently passed a crucial verdict in the matter titled Bar Council of India vs. A.K. Balaji and Ors.1 declaring that foreign lawyers/firms are not entitled to practice law in India either on the litigation or non-litigation side unless they fulfill the requirement of the Advocates Act, 1961, and the Bar Council of India Rules.

Concept: Important Court Decisions (Entrance Exams)
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