Solution - Refraction of Light - Refraction Through a Rectangular Glass Slab



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ConceptRefraction of Light - Refraction Through a Rectangular Glass Slab  


State the laws of refraction of light.


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When rays of light are incident on a glass slab then the incident ray and emergent ray are _________ each other.

  1. perpendicular
  2. parallel
  3. opposite
  4. concurrent
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When a ray of light travels from air to glass slab and strikes the surface of separation at 90°, then it …………….
(a) bends towards normal
(b) bends away from normal
(c) passes unbent
(d) passes in zigzag way

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Define refraction and state the laws of refraction.

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A ray of light strikes the glass slab at an angle of 50°. What is the angle of incidence?

  1. 50°
  2. 25°
  3. 40°
  4. 100°
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On the basis of the experiment, "To trace the path of a ray of light through a rectangular glass slab", students of a class arrived at which one of the following conclusions?

(A) Angle of incidence is greater than the angle of emergence.

(B) Angle of emergence is smaller than the angle of refraction.

(C) Emergent ray is parallel to the refracted ray.

(D) Incident ray and emergent ray are parallel to each other.

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Solution for concept: Refraction of Light - Refraction Through a Rectangular Glass Slab. For the course 8th-10th CBSE